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Warranty Policy

J.G. Uniforms, Inc. can only guarantee the fit of our vest covers or any other products if the customer is personally measured by one of our tailors. Each online order is manufactured according to the measurements and specifications provided by the customer and is considered custom made and non-refundable.

We offer a 1 year limited warranty on all seam-work and craftsmanship related defects. Please e-mail our return department if you feel you are covered under this warranty and we will issue you a return authorization number (RA#).

We are not responsible for any color fading. Color fading is considered to be a natural occurrence due to excessive washing, exposure to sunlight, and subject to daily abuse and irritation.

It is a common occurrence for vest covers to wear along the bottom of the vest. This is caused by rubbing/ wearing due to contact with the duty belt or duty gear.

This condition is also considered normal wear and tear and is not covered under our warranty.

Other common occurrences not covered by our warranty are as follows: elastic bands wearing/ fraying, velcro losing its strength and buttons falling off are all considered common occurrences and are not covered under our warranty.